I have been working with Joanna for the last 4 years. Over that time she has been critical to my business, in many ways. From handling the back end of my business to putting together member programs, Joanna’s attention to detail is immaculate. Her ability to seamlessly devise and execute strategies is second to none.

Joanna has become my back up and the person I trust for support and guidance.
— Emma Sutherland, Founder of Studio You

Hiring Joanna has been a game changer for my business.

I enjoy her high level of professionalism paired with her friendly personality. Her communication and efficiency are fantastic. One of the most important things for me in my business is to run it from a place of ease, joy and pleasure – no stress or burnout allowed. Joanna has supported me to continue these values even during rapid growth and change periods.
— Amanda Daley, Business Mentor for Health Coaches

I am comforted by people who are clear and productive and Joanna is both. I feel Joanna looks out for me and my business and presents impartial and informed advice on the latest ways to engage my audience.

Joanna has knowledge across a lot of platforms and was accustomed to building and optimising my business by enabling the most suitable platforms, often with little investment. She respects my time and budget, and looks beyond tomorrow, whilst keeping workload realistic. I appreciate her transparency and clarity.
— Chelsea Ford, Founder of Females in Food

Joanna has been instrumental in taking my business to the next level. She has taken the overwhelm out of the start up process and has shown me, step by step, how to create an authentic online presence. I now have the confidence and resources to move forward in my work and now I no longer feel overwhelmed and anxious, I can invest my energy into providing quality experiences and value to my clients.
— Patti Williams, Holistic Health Coach

I hired Joanna to help create more clarity around my brand identity and increase brand recognition through building and fine-tuning my online presence. She has been a fantastic support from a business strategy perspective, helping to define my vision moving forward, whilst also automating the parts of my business that were taking up my time previously.
Joanna is lovely and so easy to work with! She’s extremely efficient, very detailed and organised, so I knew I was in great hands. Knowing she is also trained in the ‘wellness’ space made it all the more easy for us to discuss my business in great detail.
— Claire Solomon, Bridal Health Coach, Ready Set Glow Wellness

I loved working with Joanna. She was always on the ball, swift in her replies and actions and a real pleasure to work with. She has a very professional approach yet is always approachable, gentle, honest and hardworking. I highly recommend you work with Joanna for a healthy dose of ‘get-stuff-done’.
— Cassie Mendoza Jones, Author, Kinesiologist, Business Coach & Naturopath

I was feeling overwhelmed, but the work Joanna has taken on for me has been so amazing. Setting up my podcast alone is invaluable. I don’t think I would have been able to make this dream come true without her assistance.

My Facebook page has also gone crazy since Joanna’s help too.
— Amy Taylor Kabbaz - Happy Mama