doTERRA Essential Oils provide safe, natural alternatives to chemical & pharmaceutical products.

They are essential for improving my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and are complimentary to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Read more on how I’ve incorporate essential oils into daily life here.

Why doTERRA?

They're the only Certified Therapeutic Grade oils in the world
doTERRA oils are proven to have no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants that would reduce their efficacy.

They choose ethical sourcing methods
They source oils where the plants grow naturally and in their indigenous state. This means that the majority of doTERRA oils are sourced from developing countries.

They make a difference
By sourcing oils from developing countries, doTERRA provides jobs and fair wages to farmers, harvesters and distillers. Their Co-Impact Sourcing model improves the livelihoods of families and provides long term opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Also, their Healing Hands Foundation helps to keep lives free of disease and poverty, through charitable corporate partnerships, donation products and support from doTERRA users, like myself.


Recommended Oils & Accessories to Start With

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Prices are in AUD.


There are 2 ways to purchase doTERRA oils



Visit the 'Shop' on my doTERRA website to purchase single oils of your choice, at retail price.

Make sure you select your country of residence and choose Local (OTG) Order to ensure the oils are shipped from a local location.


Option 2

Create a Wholesale or Wellness Advocate account for a one time fee of AU$35 and purchase the oils for 25% less than retail price. There's no monthly order obligations or fees.

You also become part of the Scared Essentials community and receive extra bonuses from me! 

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Sacred Essentials is a global, online community of health conscious oil lovers, practitioners and Wellness Advocates. Our group supports each other to use the oils safety and effectively, share recipes and oily tips for healing and wellbeing. 

Some of our experienced oil lovers and health practitioners....

When you create a Wholesale or Wellness Advocate account through my doTERRA website, you'll join the community and receive these bonuses:

  • an invite to the Sacred Essentials Facebook Group
  • a personalised Welcome Gift
  • a 20 minute wellness consultation with me to discover the best oils for your needs and wellbeing
  • on-going support for using your oils safely

Setup your doTERRA Account today

Follow the step by step instructions below to setup your doTERRA Account to start your oil wellness journey!

Once your account is setup, I'll get in contact to welcome you to the Sacred Essentials community. I'll also ask for your shipping address, so I can send your personalised Welcome Gift!



Visit my doTerra website below and click 'Join & Save'


Select your Language & Country of Residence, then select Local (OTG) Order to ensure the oils are shipped from a local location.


Choose Wholesale Account or Wellness Advocate.

Note: I recommend joining as a Wellness Advocate as over time, you'll receive additional bonuses and discounts.


Complete the application form, including your address, date of birth etc. If you don't have an ABN that's fine, just leave it blank. 

Don't Forget: Ensure my Enroller ID (4325720) is displayed on the form, so you can join the Sacred Essentials community and receive your Welcome gift and wellness consultation.


Read Terms and Conditions and check the box


Choose your oils!

Tip: For your first order, I recommend purchasing an Enrolment Kit as it includes your AU$35 setup fee and a Welcome pack. My favourite is the Home Essentials kit as you get 10 of the most popular oils and a petal diffuser. The Aroma Pro Kit is also a good option.

Don't Forget: Ensure you add a bottle of 'Fractionated Coconut Oil' to your first order (if not included in your Enrolment Kit) so you can create blends and apply the oils safely to your body. 


Select continue and you will be directed to input your credit card details. Complete and submit your order, and I'll be in touch within 24 hours to welcome you to the Sacred Essentials Community.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about setting up a doTERRA account,
please complete the form below and I'll be in touch.

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