'I now have the confidence and resources to move forward in my work and no longer feel overwhelmed and anxious'

- Patti Williams

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or have a pressing issue you can't figure out alone?

My single consultations provide small business owners a chance to brainstorm, bounce ideas and discover manageable, cost-effective solutions to implement instantly.

I draw from my experience supporting hundreds of startups and SMEs as a Virtual Assistant and Consultant, as well as building my own business, The Healthy VA.

In just a single consultation, I've helped business owners and freelancers to:

  • gain clarity on their short and long term goals
  • outline a launch strategy for their new product or service
  • re-define their value proposition and service offerings
  • work through fears and concerns that were holding them back
  • plan the content delivery and structure for their online course/program
  • identify the tools and systems to best support their current needs

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