How might life be better: with less Hustle

I used to be all about the ‘Hustle’. 

Every other post on my Facebook page was a Gary Vaynerchuk quote. 

As an extremely successful entrepreneur and business 'guru', he promotes the Hustle like no one before, and his YouTube uploads were my daily motivation.

My Hustle mode was well and truly ON.

7 days a week, working at high speed, juggling a hundred different tasks and a waitlist of clients. Continuous, repetitive action.

Until I couldn’t handle it anymore….

I became sick and tired of the God dam Hustle.

I cut back my services, let go of team members and culled my client list until I was working from home, by myself, with just a handful of projects.

And I was finally able to breathe….


At 100% Hustle, there's is no room for creativity. 

Hustle mode is all about action, action, action.

It's constantly forward thinking.

Constantly working towards the next target, the next goal.

There's very little space, or time spent in the present moment.

Thankfully, I changed directions before burnout could rear it's ugly head.

After all, my goal had not been to manage a team and 30 clients, all at the same time!

But even now, 1 year on, the hustle still haunts me.

When a new blog or business idea kicks in, I itch for that head down, focused sprint to the finish line.

However, before I switch Hustle back 'ON', I call upon it's apposing force....Flow.

I've realised that Hustle needs to be switched on with intention.

There's a time and a place for Hustle, and there's an equal amount of time needed in the Flow state.

Allowing intuition to guide the next move, before taking action.

Allowing life to unfold in it's own time, without my constant interruption and impatience.

Because work and business doesn't have to always be about striving.

Achievements can be made at a slower pace too.

Gary Vaynerchuk provides great resources and education for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly his message about self awareness.

These videos are a must watch....