How might life be better: if I stopped following my passion

How do I follow my passion exactly?  

Particularly if I don’t know what I’m passionate about.

I've never understood this piece of advice.

I mean, I like a lot of stuff.

But, 'passion' seems like a strong emotion, and nothing really ignites that kind of response for me right now.

What if I get to 80 and I still haven’t found my passion? Does that mean I’ve failed in life?

As a Health Coach, I blogged about my ‘passion’ for healthy food and lifestyle.  But I’ve just finished off a share-pack of Malteasers by myself. Does that mean I’ve lost my passion health?!

How about, instead of following my passion, I follow my curiosity.

'Follow your curiosity'

- courtesy of Liz Gilbert who, like me, has a distaste for the word 'passion' (unless it comes before fruit).

Curiosity is something I can follow. And I can even start today.

I’m curious about a lot of things.

Can it really be as easy as following the things that keep me intrigued.

The things I go out of my way to learn more about in my spare time.

Perhaps it is.

By following the things I’m curious about, I feel I'm more likely to lead a path of self discovery and fulfilment (and perhaps even find my passion?).

That feels a lot lighter, don't you think?

There’s less pressure to feel passionate about something....

Because ‘Passion is rare; curiosity is everyday’.