How might life be better: coming out of the Woo Woo closet

I’ve been open about my holistic approach to health and lifestyle for several years. People know I eat organic, meditate and take yoga classes.

No biggy. These are fairly ‘normal’ activities these days, especially in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

But my holistic lifestyle goes way beyond greens smoothies and downward dogs.

My practices and beliefs go much further than mindfulness and meditation.

I'm into Woo.  Lots of Woo.

  • Reiki, Auras and energy healing
  • Past lives and ancestral lineage
  • Archetype Astrology 
  • Women's Circles and Witchcraft
  • the Moon Cycle
  • Oracle cards and psychic readings
  • Channelling and age regression
  • Chakra balancing and more

We all know, on some level, there is more to our existence than what’s visible (and listed on our Facebook newsfeed.)

Yet, when I mention the concept of 'energy' to some people, they change the subject, quickly.

And when I use essential oils to nurture a cold, instead of Codral, people roll their eyes... 

So I put myself back in the Woo Woo closet.


Why are all these things considered 'Woo' in the first place?

  • Circles of women have gathered throughout the ages for sacred ritual and spiritual ceremonies. There's evidence of this from over 30,000 years ago.
  • If the tides are affected by the moon, then it's no surprise that our bodies, which consist of up to 90% water, are affected by it too.
  • Healing through plants and herbs was considered 'Witchcraft' back in the 1800s, yet it's called Naturopathy today.

My wish is for more people to open their hearts and minds, and embrace a bit more Woo.

I have a strong desire to learn about myself, the Universe and why we are all here. The list above helps me navigate life a little easier and provides me with a deeper sense of meaning, connection... and fun!

By sharing this, I hope to let go of any shame and embarrassment for my Woo side of life.

To emerge into a more authentic, truthful ‘me’.

One that no longer hides her crystals, when friends pop round for tea!